The Most Important Treatment For Turf Toe

When people get their feet injured, the two thoughts uppermost in their minds is how they can relieve the pain right away, and how they can get back to walking and moving around normally again as quickly as possible. As unsurprising as these thoughts may be, they may not be what you should consider the most important. Feet injuries can either be severe or slight, but in any case, any kind of foot pain requires rest, and especially for turf toe.

Turf toe, otherwise known as a metatarsal-phalangeal joint sprain, is an injury that rarely happens to those who don’t make their living from vigorous sports like soccer and football. The injury involves a sprain and sometimes a dislocation to joint of your big toe, when sudden and extreme pressure is placed on your body in such a way that the big toe joint reacts by extending past its comfortable limit. The worst turf toe injuries can mean that the foot will never regain its proper form and function, and that cases of turf toe can happen over and over again to the same foot, wreaking more damage each time. This is why the best and most important treatment for turf toe is rest.

Turf toe treatment is best summed up in the popular RICE method: rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Ice packs help to lessen the pain of a foot injury, while compression as well as elevating the injured foot like propping it up on a couple of pillows will prevent too much swelling. And according to health site Fitnez, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like Advil can help control the pain and swelling and should be taken when necessary. But all the ice packs, painkillers, and compression bandages in the world won’t heal your turf toe injury well if you refuse to rest, while even the most severe turf toe with or without ice and compression will greatly benefit if you let your feet rest right away and as long as possible. A serious foot injury like turf toe should not be considered similar to a sprained wrist or bruised ribs. The feet are responsible for moving us around, so any sort of injury to the feet will require abstinence from motion to make sure that the feet heal correctly.

No matter how pressured your job is, the obligation to make sure your feet and body recover properly from any injury is far more important. A doctor or podiatrist can help give advice and administer treatment to help you recover from turf toe as quickly as possible, but the best thing you can do to not just let your feet heal but also to prevent future cases of turf toe is to allow your feet to rest as long as needed.