Run Injury Free by Improving Your Stride

The winter will be thawing out in the coming months, and so too will your running shoes. Jogging season is coming back into full swing this spring and it’s time to get back into the game.

More than just getting back in, it might be time to improve your game. If you suffer from injuries during and at the end of every season—which many runners do—then you might be doing something wrong in your stride.

Although every part of your stride shouldn’t be dictated, there are 3 key points to focus on that will improve your stride. Read through the following and have a friend follow behind you to see if you’re doing any of the following.

Run on the ball of your feet. Humans only started heel striking with the invention of the heeled shoe.

When you run barefoot you find yourself running on the balls of your feet more. This is the ideal place to put the pressure of running on your body.

Heel striking jars your leg with each stride. When you do too much of it, you can do serious injury to your body—which can lead to season ending Electro Surgery.

Landing on the balls of your feet allows your body to cushion the bone-jarring impact better. There are shoes that will help you strike on the balls of your feet instead of the heels.

Lean forward while you run. Tilting forward just a couple of degrees is an ideal posture to take.

It keeps you moving forward on the balls of your feet while not adding unnecessary impact to your stride. The less impact you take, the better off your body will be.

The less you lean back (and run on your heels) the less painful your runs (and ultimately, the less troubles you will have with injuries and Electro Surgery). Lean slightly forward to aid your running posture.

Swing your arms forward. Your natural desire to swing your arms is normal and helpful.

It helps with the continuity of your movements, pushing you forward. The thing to focus on is letting your arms push forward from your body, not across it.

Crossing your body will make your shoulders twist right to left. This takes too much energy and reduces your total forward motion.

Your natural desire will be to tighten up your shoulders and lift up as you get tired. This destroys the forward movement of your arms and makes them flail.

You want to focus on relaxing these muscles as you begin to tire. Let your arms down to your sides and shake them gently to relax before bringing them back up for a normal stride.

Running on the balls of your feet, leaning forward, and pumping your arms will help you improve your form. Improve your form to improve your running health.

Improved running health translates into more injury-free exercise from day to day. Every day you avoid an injury (or indeed Electro Surgery) is a great day to be running.

You will spend less time inside thinking about running and more time with the thrill of the drumming of your feet as you explore the warmer world. Begin improving your form as you start your next season.