Running Injuries to Watch Out For

Runner’s Knee Symptoms: Get to Know Them Runner’s knee is considered an injury which is brought about by poor knee tracking that takes place when the quadriceps are tight and weaker than the hamstrings. Our quadriceps give support to our back muscles, and when an imbalance takes place, the kneecap will experience extra stress plus […] Read more »

The Most Important Treatment For Turf Toe

When people get their feet injured, the two thoughts uppermost in their minds is how they can relieve the pain right away, and how they can get back to walking and moving around normally again as quickly as possible. As unsurprising as these thoughts may be, they may not be what you should consider the […] Read more »


This is Part 2: Meet The Orthopedic Surgeon if you missed part 1 and want to read: The Tackle please go here, The doctor / surgeon, a local lad, looks like a bit of a flash Herbert but he come highly recommend as a knee guy, “Drop you pants and sit on the bed” he […] Read more »


The Tackle That Popped my Knee ACL( Anterior cruciate ligament ) The pain was unbearable my left knee was victim to a crunching high tackle from a Neanderthal defender who was sent knuckles dragging to the dressing room by the bright red card of the ref. Meanwhile the trainer was on the pitch faster than […] Read more »

Athletes Who Jump Higher Win Better

People always want to do better at what they do, and not stay constant or unmoving. They usually do not want to be just good at what they do; they strive to be better at it, if not be the best. This is a good philosophy to have in life, as it opens up opportunities […] Read more »

6 Beginner Running Tips for Fast Weight loss

In this fast paced world obsessed with technology people are always looking for the latest work out to lose weight. People are fascinated by modern pieces of exercise equipment or fancy new diets with elaborate meal plans. But sometimes going back to the basics can produce the best results you’ll ever see. Running has become […] Read more »

Back Support for Athletes

Having parents who are both active and sports minded, my brothers, sister and I grew up as sports enthusiasts. My father runs 5k marathons and plays bowling, my mother plays bowling and squash. Both my brothers play football and baseball and my sister plays badminton while I play volleyball. We practically know how to play […] Read more »