What to Eat During a Marathon

Should you eat during a marathon? They tell you not to eat before you swim, and every time you have ever eaten before you exercise, you always feel heavy and slow, and you might even feel a bit nauseated. This is especially true if you are exerting yourself for a run. A marathon definitely qualifies […] Read more »

Training For The Long Distance Runner

You know how to train for that 5k – you’ve got it in the bag – even that 10k, but now you want to move on to bigger and better things: a marathon, half marathon, or any other long distance race. How do you train? Let’s look at the basics to a training program for […] Read more »

6 Beginner Running Tips for Fast Weight loss

In this fast paced world obsessed with technology people are always looking for the latest work out to lose weight. People are fascinated by modern pieces of exercise equipment or fancy new diets with elaborate meal plans. But sometimes going back to the basics can produce the best results you’ll ever see. Running has become […] Read more »

Proper Running; Proper Tools

Anyone that is serious about running must have the right tools in order to get the most from their time. When you are running every day it can be very difficult to determine if you are making progress. However this is something that you will need to do in order to meet your fitness goals. […] Read more »

Trying Out My New Sport

The challenges are all out there. I know that I only need to brace myself and then go for it all. Now I might not be successful in all of the challenges that I take on, but if I know that I at least tried then that is certainly more than enough for me. My […] Read more »

Long Distance Running Shoes: My Story

I have been a long distance runner from my first cross country wearing an old pair of football boots to completing the 2008 London marathon as well as preparing for the 2011 London marathon this coming year. Now at the age of 46 I see just how far running has come on as a sport […] Read more »

Jogging and Exercising in an Unconventional Manner

Traditionally, joggers and runners have performed their exercises while wearing high tech and expensive footwear; however, a new craze is working out barefoot. This can be done on a treadmill or elliptical trainers, and some even choose to hit the streets.[phpbay]elliptical trainers, 5, “”, “”[/phpbay] Running barefoot may seem strange and dangerous; however, it is […] Read more »

Which Exercise Burns More Calories? to Lose Weight

It is not a secret that the fastest way to lose weight is by doing regular exercise. However the amount of calories burned is influenced by many factors. This includes gender, current weight, and the type of exercise being done.[widget:ad_unit-579945126] The following data is based on a 25 year old adult male that weighs 150 […] Read more »