Why New Balance 850 Shoes Are So Popular

The Runner’s World guide lists the New Balance 850 Running Shoe as the best in pronation control, out of all running shoes. This means that it will not allow excessive pronating of your foot, which happens when your foot rolls inward and flattens with too much pressure, leading to a possible injury and damage of […] Read more »

Going With My Reezig

Maintaining great physical shape despite the onslaught of middle age can be a chore. No, it is actually more than a chore; it is more of a difficult challenge. The challenge is more a result of the physical decline that our bodies undergo when we hit middle age, and not everyone is able to cope […] Read more »

Reezig: Solutions for Your Running Shoes Needs

Running is great for the body. It helps keep your body in tip top shape, while also providing the perfect outlet for your competitiveness. Even those who are not really looking to compete or look perfect find it enjoyable and a great way to help them feel good. The foremost thing in their mind is […] Read more »

Finding the Right Pair for Your Trail Running

Running is an activity that is gaining a lot of followers every year. It is one of the simplest yet effective sports activity that people can engage in order to have a better and a healthier body. It does not require any form of highly advance training and instruction. What it does need however is […] Read more »

Minimalist Running Shoes Lets You Do More

Running brings so many benefits to those who do it. That is why so many people are into it, and even more are trying to get into running, and with plenty of good reasons. The obvious benefit and primary reason why a lot are starting to run is for health reasons. Those who have weight […] Read more »

New Balance 991 will last and last

These New Balance 991 running shoes are the ones that you should purchase if you want to never need to worry about buying another shoe in your life. A lot of people buy running shoes with the expectation that they will last a long time, but they find that their thin material will start to […] Read more »

The Vibram Bikila Five Fingers Shoes

The Vibram Bikila has taken the world by storm by allowing a few design tweaks of the Vibram running shoe and provided us with something perfect for barefoot running. Who would have thought that we would have gone from almost having no running shoes back in the 60’s, to a development of them in the […] Read more »