How to Start Running Barefoot

History of Barefoot Running People have been running barefoot for thousands of years. The earliest shoes date back only to around 8000 BC, although prehistoric man have existed for much longer. What’s more, these primitive shoes usually had only very thin soles, which provided the people with little to no cushioning abilities. There is, however, […] Read more »

Three Great Reasons To Consider Natural Running

Natural running is something which has gradually developed over the last few years in the West, but which has been practised for many years in African countries. And since many of the world’s greatest endurance runners come from Kenya or Ethiopia, it’s little wonder the rest of us are starting to take notice of their […] Read more »

Adidas Running Tips: How to Prevent Running Injuries?

Sprain, blisters, joint pains, and shin splints are just a few of the running injuries that some people might experience. These occur when inappropriate running equipment is used, and improper running techniques are done. Most runners with poor running conditions might end up with lifetime debilitating injuries, and this could be the main reason why […] Read more »