Brief History Of Football And Premier League

Brief History Of Football Football has been around for quite some time now, and the history of the most popular sport in the world is very complex as well. Developed and codified in England, football has grown to become a sport that is played worldwide, in approximately 200 countries. The first football games were built […] Read more »

Athletes Who Jump Higher Win Better

People always want to do better at what they do, and not stay constant or unmoving. They usually do not want to be just good at what they do; they strive to be better at it, if not be the best. This is a good philosophy to have in life, as it opens up opportunities […] Read more »

Back Support for Athletes

Having parents who are both active and sports minded, my brothers, sister and I grew up as sports enthusiasts. My father runs 5k marathons and plays bowling, my mother plays bowling and squash. Both my brothers play football and baseball and my sister plays badminton while I play volleyball. We practically know how to play […] Read more »

Trying Reezig Over Everything Else

We are in a different day and age, a time when people are much more conscious of their level of health and fitness. In my view, we are much more enlightened than generations past, when it comes to the ultimate benefits of having a healthier lifestyle. Part of that is because of the tremendous strides […] Read more »

Golf Is My Kind of Game

Golf is my kind of game. I can’t say that about all the sports and games that I have played through the years, even though I have played quite a few. When I say that, what I actually mean is that I truly love it as a game and that I am challenged by it […] Read more »

How to Become a Sports Official

The final buzzer went off, Home team 52 Visitors 60. After two hours of sprinting up and down the basketball court you are tired, sweaty, and mentally exhausted. You take the boos and yelling from the spectators and coaches and get paid very little but it is all part of the game. I often wonder, […] Read more »