Brief History Of Football And Premier League

Brief History Of Football

Football has been around for quite some time now, and the history of the most popular sport in the world is very complex as well. Developed and codified in England, football has grown to become a sport that is played worldwide, in approximately 200 countries. The first football games were built at the end of the 16th century, and the first English football club was founded in 1857. Three decades after that, the first football league was founded in England.

Nonetheless, evidence of a sport similar to football as we know it today have existed since the 13th century, when people played what is known as “medieval soccer”, which lacked rules and were usually very violent. The word “Football” was used for the first time in a document at the beginning of the 15th century

At first, the game was so violent that it was actually banned in certain parts of England, after several players have died while playing it. The centuries passed and the game rules became increasingly clearer and the game became a lot less violent as well. As mentioned above, codified football was developed in the country of England, where numerous institutions tried to come up with a generally accepted set of rules for this game. As expected, the rules have also evolved throughout the years along with the game – if, at first, sneaking and poaching were allowed during the game, now the goalkeeper is the only one who can touch the ball with his hands. In addition to this, free kicks as we know them were not introduced in the Rules of the Game until the year 1866.

A Closer Look At The Premier League

Premier League was founded back in 1992 and it has its roots in what was known as The Football League (founded in 1888). The Premier League involves 20 teams and there are three types of cups: the domestic cups (FA Cup and the FA Community Shield), the League Cup and two international cups (UEFA Europa League and UEFA Champions League). Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal are three of the most popular English soccer champions, since the founding of the League in 1992 and until the present day. Manchester United was the champion for no less than 13 times, Chelsea for three times while Arsenal for two times.

Creating the Premier League was absolutely essential after the harsh times the English soccer has gone through at the end of the 1980s. The purpose of the League was to bring more money to the sport and to improve the facilities for supporters. By the end of the 1980s, there were signs of a breakaway league, therefore at the end of the season in 1991 the Founding Members have started to think about establishing a new league.

The Premier League involves no less than 380 matches in the season, and this is basically an English professional league that is considered to be the most intensely watched football league all over the world. The League is broadcasted in no less than 212 different countries and it can be easily watched by up to 5 billion people.

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