More About Me And My Running

I have been barefoot running for many years now, I will always recommend this style of running if you want to stay injury free, please leave me a comment below.


This is Part 2: Meet The Orthopedic Surgeon if you missed part 1 and want to read: The Tackle please go here, The doctor / surgeon, a local lad, looks like a bit of a flash Herbert but he come highly recommend as a knee guy, “Drop you pants and sit on the bed” he […] Read more »


The Tackle That Popped my Knee ACL( Anterior cruciate ligament ) The pain was unbearable my left knee was victim to a crunching high tackle from a Neanderthal defender who was sent knuckles dragging to the dressing room by the bright red card of the ref. Meanwhile the trainer was on the pitch faster than […] Read more »

Minimalist Running Shoes Lets You Do More

Running brings so many benefits to those who do it. That is why so many people are into it, and even more are trying to get into running, and with plenty of good reasons. The obvious benefit and primary reason why a lot are starting to run is for health reasons. Those who have weight […] Read more »

Weight loss and Detox

Some people consider weight gain and obesity as issues rising from unhealthy habits. This is true for most part. The number of unhealthy food items and venues for unhealthy lifestyle are increasing as of the moment. It’s hard to keep up a balanced diet and intake today. To alleviate the situation, experts seek for productive weight and […] Read more »

Trying Out My New Sport

The challenges are all out there. I know that I only need to brace myself and then go for it all. Now I might not be successful in all of the challenges that I take on, but if I know that I at least tried then that is certainly more than enough for me. My […] Read more »

How to Become a Sports Official

The final buzzer went off, Home team 52 Visitors 60. After two hours of sprinting up and down the basketball court you are tired, sweaty, and mentally exhausted. You take the boos and yelling from the spectators and coaches and get paid very little but it is all part of the game. I often wonder, […] Read more »

When Was the NFL Formed?

[dropcap color=”color-default” font=”arial” style=”normal” size=”ltt-3em”]T[/dropcap]he National Football League consist of the professional football teams in United States. The league was formed back in the 1920s and was known as American Football Association. It consisted of only eleven teams. However, in 1922, the name was changed by the league to National Football League even though the […] Read more »

MMA Mouthguards That Represent Your Country

If you’re participating in a boxing session, grappling with a fellow training partner, or simply hitting the bag with some friends, you’re going to need proper protective equipment in order to effectively prevent injury. One of the most popular and most useful kinds of protective gear is a mouthguard for MMA training. If you’re going […] Read more »