About Me

The gain

I grew up on Pure carbs.  ” the quality wasn’t the problem though,” I recall.  ” there’s nothing worse than eating a big plate of pasta before bed.”   Unfortunately for me, my cholesterol reading of 7 ( normal is below 5.5), high blood pressure and high levels of ” visceral fat” put me firmly in the firing line to diabetes and heart disease.

The change

I was booked to go on a holiday to Sydney with the family.

I devised a high protein, lo-cal eating plan that saw me eat small meals every 2 hours and drink 3 to 4 l of water a day.  My familiar oatmeal in the morning, I also began running, starting with 15 minutes a day, then 30, then 45.  I can now run six kilometres, do an hour of weights and do 50 push UPS and 50 sit UPS.

The result

My health concerns have disappeared, and I feel great I regularly take part in running compations and am now thibking about taking up cycling as a sport

The advice

Set realistic goals.  If you set small, monthly or weekly targets, you have a better chance of hitting them, which help you sustain motivation.  Find the spark.  “For me it was my health concens.”