Foods to Boost Every Runner’s Performance

Food is fuel. Every runner knows that. Runners know that to get better they need to have the right fuel to power them and to improve on their performance. Runners need to load up on calories, proteins and carbohydrates. In fact, nutrition experts believe that if only runners will stick to whole and real foods […] Read more »

Brief History Of Football And Premier League

Brief History Of Football Football has been around for quite some time now, and the history of the most popular sport in the world is very complex as well. Developed and codified in England, football has grown to become a sport that is played worldwide, in approximately 200 countries. The first football games were built […] Read more »

What to Eat During a Marathon

Should you eat during a marathon? They tell you not to eat before you swim, and every time you have ever eaten before you exercise, you always feel heavy and slow, and you might even feel a bit nauseated. This is especially true if you are exerting yourself for a run. A marathon definitely qualifies […] Read more »

Training For The Long Distance Runner

You know how to train for that 5k – you’ve got it in the bag – even that 10k, but now you want to move on to bigger and better things: a marathon, half marathon, or any other long distance race. How do you train? Let’s look at the basics to a training program for […] Read more »

How to Start Running Barefoot

History of Barefoot Running People have been running barefoot for thousands of years. The earliest shoes date back only to around 8000 BC, although prehistoric man have existed for much longer. What’s more, these primitive shoes usually had only very thin soles, which provided the people with little to no cushioning abilities. There is, however, […] Read more »